In 2018, the United States detained over 17,000 children from Mexico and South America at the border, where conditions often force families to flee. The center of news headlines and a media frenzy, these children, separated from their families with little hope of reunification, have their identities concealed through hats and t-shirts pulled over head and self-created print-out masks. While in federal custody, the children are often forced to live under torturous prison-like detention while their parents are held separately for criminal prosecution under the "zero-tolerance" policy, new under the Trump administration.

ENMASCARADOS is a multimedia exhibition that explores the erasure of young undocumented migrant Mexican children through abstract painting and sound installation. This is the first solo exhibition from Amaris Modesto, a Dominican artist and revolutionary who lives in New York City and explores political themes through her work. ENMASCARADOS was on display at Espacio Fidencia in CDMX October 6th - October 18, 2018

Amaris took particular interest in these stories in June 2018 when she learned about migrant children who were to be placed in foster care in her New York City neighborhood, and saw the first images of these children wearing masks in public.

Amaris hopes that through creating socio-political bridges between Mexico and the United States, and spreading awareness of these stories, ENMASCARADOS can inspire the political action required to put an end to the separation of families and drive out the Trump administration that is responsible for this and countless other outrages.

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