While we rummage racks for the bests deals during the holiday season, our youth are being gunned down and blown away in epidemic proportions. Meanwhile, our tax dollars help to fund criminal acts that indiscriminately target Blacks and Latinos, and are being carried out by those sworn to protect and serve — crimes which go largely unpunished. This holiday season, take a stand against police murder by gifting the Rise Up! pin.

Making its symbolic debut on Black Friday, the Rise Up! pin designed by revolutionary artist Amaris Modesto, pays tribute to families of victims of police murder and terror, and the movement initiated to stop police murder by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network with #RiseUpOctober. These limited edition pins numbered from 1 to 100 are available for sale at Proceeds from pin sales will benefit the Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

2015 was marked by resistance — from thousands pouring in the streets in Baltimore and New York City in response to the murder of Freddie Gray, to Black students at Mizzou igniting demonstrations campuses around the country, to over 100 families of police murder victims gathering in New York City to testify, resist and act against police murder last month. A collective was taking shape across the country to put a stop to these attacks — one that is brave, beautiful and inspiring.

So this year, instead of hitting the lines for Black Friday, make it #BlackLivesMatter Friday, channel your rage and spirit of resistance to declare “Rise Up!” and support the work of freedom fighters invested in putting an end to the heart wrenching reality of murder after murder of black and brown people.

Let’s put our dollars behind the fight against this system, wear our protest pins with pride, and demonstrate support of this growing movement in a way that is hard to suppress — it’s up to all of us!

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